Quality and Technical Solutions - Scaffolding, ladders, step ladders, storage solutions and relevant product areas

Khiment is a brand delivered by Stige Senteret, which continuously aims to fulfil the demands for good quality products and practical solutions both for the professional and non-professional market. The Khiment brand stands for excellent quality, smart features and safety for its users.  


Khiment products mainly relate to scaffoldings, ladders, stepping stools, storage solutions and other relevant products, which are made of metal, preferably aluminum. Accessories that has to do with the protection, securing and maintenance of scaffoldings, are also part of the product range.


Furthermore, Khiment has successfully developed and produced its own version of a Labanklem/Scaffold board, which has been claimed to be the best in the Norwegian market, in addition to a series of very good aluminum planks/boards.

You can view some of our Khiment products in the catalogue below and visit www.stigesenteret.no for more information about Khiment and how we can help you.